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The Classic Red Lip

Of course I love a classic red lip, I'm the Pin Up Girl after all. However, the pin up style red lip is a commitment and this particular lip often stikes fear in the hearts of bridal make up artists like me. A red lip for a photo shoot or editorial piece is one thing but we are sending you out into the world, all alone, on the biggest day of your life. A red lip can be a catastrophe if not managed throughout the day. Picture it - you may now kiss the bride - and when you pull away you and your now husband look like two clowns walking up the aisle towards your photographer. I'm reminded of a wedidng where the ladies were drinking and having fun while we were getting ready. One bridesmaid was having a little too much fun and one by one the ladies came back into the room with red lip marks all over their faces. That was a nightmare clean up on freshly airbrushed faces. Not to mention the clean up job on the kissy bridesmaid. So, while I love the look, I was always leery when brides really wanted to go for it because I was nervous about the upkeep throughout the day. Enter the lipsense....

I had seen this brand for a while and I didn't believe the claims that this lip color would actually stay on all day, through the smooching, eating and all. Then I met Jenny, one of my most awesome Pin Up brides, who was a rep herself. The morning of her wedding turned into a commercial for this stuff and I was sold. It. Stays. All. Day. After you let it dry, you can kiss a white tissue and nothing transfers. It's pretty remarkable. I don't know how it works and I don't care. It's the answer to my red lip nightmares. Even if you're not doing a red lip - it' just one less thing to worry about so you should just get it in your color of choice. This company has perfected the color last technology when it comes to lips and I am still exploring the other products. I'm recommending it to all my brides, my daughter's dancer friends and anyone else who wants to listen.

How it works: swipe your color across your bottom then top lip in a fluid motion and let it dry. Repeat this step two more times and then add your gloss. At the end of the night (or if you make a mistake) use the Oops remover to take it off. It's really that easy. Throughout the day, you may want to re-apply your gloss if you are going for high shine - but even if you forget, want to stay matte or completely kissable - the color will remain in place. I spend the end of every make up trial explaining to my brides where to get the best lip so they can reapply throughout the day. Your face stays all night but I never had that confidence in a lip product. Now, I use these for my brides and I am completely confident that their enitre look - including lips will be perfect til the party is over. They have a great color selection and it doesn't cost a fortune. $55 will get your gloss, color and remover. That's less than a liner, lipstick and gloss that you'd have to re-apply a million times. Head over to the LIPS page on my website to get yours!!!

P.S. If you know me, you know I hate lipstick. I like it on other people but not myself. I am addicted to Aquaphor and usually anthing else I put on my lips causes a reaction. My lips get itchy and swell around the lipline. Fantastic for a make up artist, I know. I put this product to the test on myself - using the brightest red. I barely felt it at all. I could feel the gloss a bit because I'm not used to wearing a lip product. The color was easy to apply and not super drying like some long wear formulas. When I finally took it off, I used the Oops remover. It worked really well getting off the color and afterwards my lips felt great. I would have settled for feeling normal but they actually felt better than my usual. Turns out it has vitamins A, B, C & E in it. I really liked it. Just one more reason to love this stuff!

Peace, Love, Beauty - Allison

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