Why Choose Us?

With all the hair and make up artists out there, why is the Pin Up Girl Team the right choice for you? Here are a few reasons why we are the best as well as some points to consider as you research hair and make up services for your big day.

The three P's: Professional, Polite & Punctual

We arrive a few minutes early to set up so we are ready to start on schedule. our kits are fully stocked and completely sanitized. We are respectful of our surroundings, we never leave a mess, in fact we often wind up straightening up!


We Come To You

The morning of your wedding can be hectic enough without having to schedule a bunch of appointments outside your home or hotel room, get everyone back and forth and ready on time. You also don't get the "getting ready shots" most photographers love to do. You can stay where you need to be, let us take care of everything, and all you'll need to do is slip on your dress. Also, we are there til the last minute while you dress so we can be sure your hair and make up is perfect before we clear out of the way. 

We Are Wedding Specialists

We know you love your hairdresser that you've been going to for 15 years or your friend who's really good at make up but trust us - you want a wedding specialist on your big day.  You only get one shot at this and photos to last a lifetime and you'll want to get it right. We know how to build a strong foundation under your soft romantic low do so it stays put into the wee hours. We can place a bobby pin so you'll never see it in there. We know the correct PSI on our airbrush machines to create the perfect skin for the HD photography you paid so much for. We know how to contour and high light your face appropriately so you look great with every flash of the camera. We don't need to sit you all in front of the mirror to get your hair right, and yes, we can fit in that tiny corner of the room you reserved at that beautiful bed and breakfast. We know how to make it happen. We work like a well oiled machine and we are all friends and work great together. We all do hair and make up so we are able to roll with whatever may happen that morning and stay on track. We make it our responsibility to keep you all on time and take care of you like our friend from the time you book us til the time you walk out the door looking beautiful.

The Right AirBrush Make Up 

We know we're not the only game in town. There's a lot of air brush make up artists popping up everywhere as people are realizing how great it is. Just because you buy a kit off an infomercial does not make you a make up artist. There are differences in the machines and the types of make up that go in them and deciding to use the wrong type of either could be catastrophic. We can't stress this enough, when deciding on an airbrush artist, ask what kind of make up they are using. The base of the make up should be silicone not water. If you use water based foundation it will look flawless when the artist gets done. However, unless they are going to follow you around all day for touch ups, don't bother. Water moves water, so if you sweat or cry while wearing water based foundation, you will look like a streaky mess. Picture a super hot day and everyone exiting the church with huge water marks running down their faces - a true horror story we've heard. So besides our advanced training on application, color customization, mixing, coverage, blending and so much more...we use the good stuff - silicone based make up by Temptu NYC. It will last through the sweat and the tears - heck - even if your crazy cousin throws a drink in your face - you can blot it off and move on knowing your face is still intact. 

We've Never Had A Bad Review

Ok, so we're not perfect. It has happened that we have done something someone didn't like. But here's the thing, we don't leave until everyone is happy. If you want your bun lower, no problem. Can't live without that black eyeliner all over your waterline? You got it. Here's the other thing - we're not judgemental and we will do whatever you'd like. By the time we get going everyone will feel so comfortable with us they wont hesitate to ask if they want something changed. Don't try to hide it, we can tell if you're not in love - just say so and we'll fix it till we get it perfect for you - guaranteed. 

Our Prices Are Competitive

At first glance, our price list may seem steep to some. We always encourage people to do research in their area for the same services we offer with competitive pricing. When you do this be sure to ask about any additional charges. If you called a salon and asked them for 8 appointments in your hotel room beginning at 6 am on a Sunday, first you'd have to wait for them to get up off the floor, then you would need to be prepared to pay a hefty pricetag. Most salons and even traveling stylists will charge extra for things like travel, early start times and on location work. Even if you do go to them, air brush make up and false eyelashes are usually an upcharge as well. Not for us. All of these things are included right in our package prices. There are never any hidden costs and gratuity is completely at your discretion. We know what other people like us are charging, we make it our business to know so we can price our services fairly and accordingly. We also know what all of our bridal parties know for sure - we're the best at what we do! We love it and we're always honored to be a part of your special day.  As with most things - you tend to get the kind of service and product you pay for. Be wary of a company or person whose prices seem to good to be true as they often are. That being said - if you need to work out a special budget or find a price and service that you think competes with ours - let us know. We're flexible and willing to work on this with you to make sure that we are all satisfied.