Our Services


Air Brush Make Up

We use silicone based air brush make up and that's important for your big day! The reason is that silicone does not mix with water, so if you sweat or cry, the make up stays put all night. Unlike other water based air brush and regular foundations that can leave you streaky and messy soon after application. Air brush is a must for bridal and photography because it does not contain the ingredients that react with the flash of the camera to give you that infamous ghost face. You will look natural, like yourself only perfected. There is no risk of make up mask or cakey creams or powders and it blends beautifully down the chest which is great for strapless dresses. The coverage is completely customizable from super light to heavy. Everything that goes on the face is airbrushed - foundation, blush, highlighter, shimmer and bronzer. Traditional make up is used to create the eye look you desire. Add a strip of lashes to open and brighten your eyes and you're good to go!

Hair Styling

Up dos, down dos, side dos, half up, half down, three strands, waterfalls, fishtails, pin curls, victory rolls, pomps, poofs, bumps - you name it we can do it. Any hairstyle you can dream up from any era, we've got you covered.  We can style around veils, clips, combs, jewels and flowers. We can give you curls, waves, volume or a sleek look, whatever your heart desires.  Our strong foundation in basic to advanced hairstyling as well as vintage looks will serve you well on your big day. We can create a messy or loose look while ensuring that every last piece is pinned in place so you can be sure your style will last all night. 



Brows are the frame to your face. Day of, we can use make up to give you great brows but if you want them to last through the honeymoon, a henna brow is for you. This service done in advance of your wedding day will give you brows that look natural and last for weeks.  


Get rid of those pesky hairs on the side of your face that catch the light and stick to your make up. Dermaplaning removes the fine hairs on your face as well as any dead skin cells at the top layers of your skin allowing fresh, glowy smooth skin to shine through. Your skin looks great and your make up goes on super smooth. This service can be done the day of the wedding but it is recommended to try it about 6 weeks prior to test for any reactions on sensitive skin. Allison is certified in medical aesthetics and can help get your skin in order for the big day!  


No look is complete without some lashes and we have them in all shapes and sizes. We can apply a strip lash for the most dramatic looks or a few flares to spice up your look. If you want lashes that will last through the honeymoon, we can set you up with an appointment for extensions before the big day, then you're all set for a minimum of two weeks. 

Hair Extensions

We can add extensions the day of the wedding at no extra cost to you. If you need help finding the right ones, we can assist with that too.  We can do great things by adding hair the day of. Clip ins, rats, foam,hair nets - we can do it all. Yes, the girl pictured above - her hair is 85% extensions we clipped in day of. Voila!