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  • What forms of payments do you accept?
    We take a check for deposit payments. All other balances are due in cash on the day of the wedding. We do not accept checks, cards, venmo or paypal.
  • Can I pay for all or part of my girls' services?
    Yes, you can pay for any portion of the services. This can be done in advance or the day of. Just let us know and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Do people usually tip?
    Yes, they do. We never expect gratuity and we build our prices so that we are comfortable with what we make. Gratuity is always appreciated as it shows how much you enjoyed your services and our hard work.
  • What if more than one artist works on me? How do I tip?
    At the Pin Up Girl, we work as a team. All payments for services and tips can be directed to Allison or the lead artist. After the contract amount has been deducted, anything extra is divided equally between all the team members present. It's entirely possible that the artist that does your make up application is different than the one who applies your lipstick at the end of the session, of pins up a piece of hair. We have each other's backs and that's why we're the best bridal beauty team!
  • It's my first facial , what do I book?
    If you see something on the site you want to try, book it. If you come in and it's not the right choice for you, we'll change it. All of our facial services are customized to your exact needs so changes are made all the time. Not in the mood to browse? Just choose our first timer option in the skin care services selection and we'll take care of the rest! What's most important is your time slot is reserved! You can always contact us for a phone consult and for more information.
  • How do I prep for a facial?
    Best thing to do is come in with a clean face if possible. The less eye make up we have to remove, the more time we can spend on the good stuff. Coming from work? We got ya, we'll do a thorough cleanse. Be sure you have filled out all of your forms on our booking site, and paid special attention to any pre care information for your specific treatment. Usually, it's a good idea to lay off any acids or actives in your home care routine for about a week before your treatment. You can always contact us with specific questions.
  • Should I leave my hair dirty?
    The short answer is no. We like your hair clean and dry. Oil is the enemy of staying power. If we want your hair dirty, we have products to do just that like texture sprays and hair powders. For a more extensive answer visit our blog on the topic entitled "I left my hair dirty for you".
  • Can you add in extensions?
    Yes, we can add in your extensions for you at no extra charge. Clip ins are the most popular choice for most brides. Depending on your desired style, we can recommend the best options for you.
  • Do you provide extensions?
    We do not provide extensions. We can make custom clip in extensions for you at an additional cost. We recommend Bellami hair extensions and you can shop them online. We can really make any extensions work as long as they are 100% human hair. If there is any synthetic components in them, we cannot use hot irons on them.
  • Is there an extra charge to add in my extensions?
    There is no extra charge to add in your extensions. You are responsible for purchasing them prior to your trial date or wedding day.
  • Can you do African American hair?
    Yes, we can! Wigs, weaves and additions of any kind are all ok with us as long as it's human hair. If you wear your hair natural, you should prepare your hair for styling. Often we do not have the time to do a blowout and an upstyle on the day of. Our pricing reflects the formal styling only and not a blowout as well. We recommend you go to the salon and have your hair blown out a day or two prior to the wedding. You should avoid using heat tools on it. Leave that part to us. For example, if you go get a press and curl/straighten then it will be hard to re curl the hair on top of that since the tools used to do so are so hot. If you want to wear your hair smooth and do not need us to curl or iron it then the heat tools at your blowout are ok. Further phone or e mail consultation for any of your bridesmaids who have concerns is always free and recommended. We like everyone to be prepared day of.
  • Do you do blowouts?
    We do, however, this is a separate service from the formal styling. If your mom or grandma wants a blowout as their style for the day that is fine. If someone shows up with wet hair and needs to be blown out before their updo, that is an extra charge. If they are just in for an updo, we will ask them to blow their own hair before their service time comes.
  • Can you do little girls around the age of 2?
    We sure can. We recommend having them go towards the end of the session so they don't hang out too long and get messed up.
  • What kind of makeup do you use?
    We use a silicone based airbrush make up formula that we order from Temptu in New York City. This formula is perfect for bridal applications because it does not mix with water. This means that if you sweat or cry, you can dab away the water and the make up stays put. Everything on your face is airbrush, foundation, blush, hilight, bronzer, contour. See our blog post all about this entitled "Do I need airbrush makeup?". On the eyes we use an array of our favorite brands of eyeshadows, primers, pigments and liners. Some of our faves are MAC, Make Up Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Kat VonD, KMS and more.
  • Do you only do airbrush?
    Yes, we only do airbrush make up. We have tested everything out there. We use traditional make up products on ourselves daily. We can make you look fantastic with traditional make up for sure, but our job doesn't end there. We need a product we can rely on to last throughout your entire night. We haven't found anything comparable to the silicone airbrush foundation we use.
  • What if I don't like the airbrush?
    Usually when someone tells us they don't like airbrush, it's because they had a bad experience before with an untrained artist or someone using the wrong type of airbrush formula. There are different types of airbrush make up out there. We use the best silicone based, water proof make up on the market. We have also invested the time and money into our training with Temptu NYC and all of our artist hold Master Airbrush Certificates from the company. Product and training make all the difference when it comes to airbrush.
  • Is airbrush good for everyone?
    Airbrush is great for light to heavy coverage. It's great for people with freckles or specialty skin tones. It's great for special occasions because it lasts all night. It looks like your skin, only better. It's never cakey, powdery, doesn't create make up lines and is super blend-able. It doesn't react with the lighting your photographer is going to use. The only issue we have ever had with airbrush is if your face is particularly hairy. See our section on dermaplaning to learn how to handle this pesky issue and to find out about it's other benefits.
  • Can you do traditional makeup if that's what I prefer?
    Artists on our team do have traditional make up available in their kit and can bring it upon request. However, when you get your photos back, you will be able to tell who is wearing airbrush make up and who is not. Ingredients in traditional make up like certain humectants and spf can react with the flash of the camera giving you that dreaded "ghost face" in a photo. Requesting traditional make up does not change the price of the service, in fact, it is actually more work than the airbrush for the artist. Photographers love airbrush make up since it photographs so naturally and beautifully.
  • What if I have allergies?
    There is no make up on the market that is guaranteed to be completely allergy free since everyone is different and can be irritated by all different things. If you have any allergies to specific ingredients like latex or silicone, be sure to let your artist know ahead of time.
  • Can I use my own makeup?
    Yes, we can use your make up if necessary. If you have a foundation you love and want nothing else to touch your skin, we'll use that first and then do a layer of airbrush on top. We can certainly use your lipstick or your fave eyeliner on the water line as well. We're flexible.
  • Do I have to get lashes?
    No, you do not have to get eyelashes if you don't want them. However, we encourage anyone on the fence to give it a try, it makes a huge difference in the overall look of the make up application. Since our packages are discounted already, the price of a make up service does not change if you forgo the lashes.
  • What type of lashes do you have?
    We have lashes in all shapes and sizes. We have baby ones, natural ones, dramatic ones, short, long, half, full and more. We even have the flares to add a little drama for those not comfortable with a strip lash.
  • How do you remove lashes?
    The lash glue dries to s gummy consistency like if you got Elmers glue on your skin and then you can peel it off. At the end of the night when you are removing your make up, simply grab hold of the artificial lash and peel it away from your natural lashes. If you feel any resistance at all, you can use a make up remover to help slide the rest of the glue right off.
  • Do you follow sanitation practices?
    Absolutely. Our artists are all licensed with the state as either cosmetologists or estheticians and have undergone required training on safety, sanitation and public health. Further, we sanitize our brushes in between clients with an approved sanitizing solution on site and clean all of our palettes with a sanitizing spray after each wedding party. We use alcohol to wipe clean pencil type liners after each client and use disposable wands for mascara and lip glosses. Using airbrush make up further ensures sanitation since the equipment never touches the client's skin, allowing us to blow out the gun and move right to the next client with ease.
  • What do I have to do to book you?
    If you would like to book, head over to our contact us page and fill out the form to create an account with us. Tell us what you need and we can send you an e contract to look over and sign. Once your deposit is received, your contract will be countersigned and you are all set. There is a $100 non refundable deposit to hold your date. This comes off your total on the day of the wedding.
  • Can I do a trial before I book?
    Yes, you can do a trial appointment before you book. However, no dates will be held until a contract is signed and a deposit is received.
  • Can I book now and do a trial later?
    Yes, lots of clients do this so that they don't lose their date. We are a small team and we book up fast. We do not book out other artists and everyone we would recommend is right here! Get the date on the calendar and figure out the details later.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A contract may be cancelled 6 months in advance with no penalty. A contract that is cancelled within 3 months must pay 50% of the contract value. A contract cancelled within 12 weeks of the date is responsible for 100% of the contract value. The closer we get to your date, the less likely we are to book if you cancel. When you sign a contract with us, you are reserving a date on up to 5 people's calendars. We commit to one wedding a day as a full team and we turn down other bookings if you are listed on our calendars. All deposits are non refundable.
  • Is there a minimum number of services required?
    We have a minimum of five people to solidify your contract. Five single services for one artist. For example, 5 ladies for hair only reserves one artist, 5 hair and make up packages reserves 2 artists. Additional artists due to time constraints are available at an extra cost.
  • Do you do soft holds?
    No, we do not do soft holds. All dates are solidified when a contract is signed. We will not give away your date in the time between a contract is signed and a deposit is received. If the deposit is not received within one week of the contract signing, the date will be free for other bookings.
  • What if a bridal party member backs out of services on the day of the wedding?
    If any members decide the day of to forgo services, they are still responsible to pay the full amount they owe. There are no subtractions day of. The artists are already booked and on site and know the amount of money they are expecting to make for the day. If the member refuses to pay, the bride will be responsible since she is the signing party on the contract.
  • Can someone be added on the day of?
    Yes, if time allows, we will do our best to accommodate anyone who would like to add on a service. Our first priority is the bride and the ladies who were contracted for. We are super fast at what we do and we have never had a problem helping out with this in the past.
  • Do you make us a 'day of' schedule?
    We will gladly make a schedule for everyone to follow the morning of the wedding. We actually prefer to do so.
  • When is a good time to do a trial?
    You can do a trial at any time you'd like. We recommend doing it within 6 months of your wedding and when you have all of the clips and combs or things you want to wear in your hair.
  • Can you work with my day of planner or photographer?
    Absolutely. We like to work off of the photographer's schedule for your ready time and stages of readiness in getting ready shots. We can work directly with your planner as well.
  • Does one person go at a time?
    Usually there are multiple services happening at once. It is common for someone to get their hair set, then go to make up, then come back to finish the hair. The last thing is everyone gets lips and a photo taken. Depending on the size of your party and the number of artists that we bring, there could be 5 people going at once. Then we swap everyone around the stations. It all runs very smooth. We keep everyone where they need to be.
  • What's with the "team approach" and why is this important to my schedule?"
    Here at the Pin Up Girl, we are structured to apply the team approach to all our clients. This means that not one artist is responsible for one client, whether hair or make up. If you want a crown braid style, Brielle is your girl. If you want a waterfall braid - Allison does it best. You want the fresh faced glow of one of our past brides you saw on our Instagram (happens all the time), we'll give you the same artist who did it. We are an ego free group of friends that always has the best interests of the clients at heart and we have no problem sharing the responsibility. Our responsibilities within a booking are not tied to how much we get paid. For example, certain artists out there will only do what they are directly paid for and won't chip in if help is needed. If there is an added service or we find ourselves behind for any reason, Marta may finish up her make up application and go pick up a curling iron. Lauren will leave her lip kit out and apply lips to everyone even if she didn't do their make up so we stay on schedule and get photos. It's a team.
  • Do you book out other artists?
    No. We are not a booking service. We do not have a team of 30 artists looking for work that we send out under our name to different locations. We do not do a hundred weddings in a year, we do about 40 and the same 5 ladies you see listed on the artists page of this website are there for every single one of them. Yes, we do have industry friends that will tag along if we need extra man power but one of these 5 core ladies will be at every event. If we can help out more than one bride in a day, it is possible that our team will split to two locations, but again, one of these ladies will be present. These are our ride or dies. These are the hard workers all holding down weekday jobs and living our passion on the weekends - wedding by wedding. These girls are responsible for the over 80 five star reviews from real brides and that makes us really proud.
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