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ProCell Micro-Channelling

Ok guys, let’s put on our scientist caps and walk through this amazing new treatment called micro-channelling. Here at The Pin Up Girl, we are certified ProCell professionals, the leading company in anti-aging and acne and scar revision. As we always do, we chose carefully when deciding which medical aesthetic technologies to offer our clients and ProCell doesn’t disappoint. Read on to learn how and why this treatment works and why just about everyone should add it to their monthly regimen, especially when preparing for a big event.

What Is Micro-channelling?

Basically, it’s putting teeny tiny holes in your face. Now, hold on, it’s not as scary as it sounds. We use a machine that inserts small needles into the top layers of the skin creating small perforations. This allows for maximum product absorption (more on that later) and causes your skin to create its own high quality collagen. Often called collagen induction therapy, this is a small intentional wounding of the skin. It enacts a series of events, stimulating your body to respond by rushing a cocktail of cytokines, fibroblasts, growth factors and stem cells to the area being treated. Trust me, these are all wonderful things. The result is a reduction in lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and an overall tightening and fresh appearance to the skin. Who doesn’t love that?

The Products

Here’s the “more on that later” on the products we use with the treatment. During the treatment, as we complete each zone of the face, we roll on a special mixture. Inside this tiny single use little bottle of goodness there is so much happening. Remember those good things we talked about before - the cytokines, growth factors and stem cells? They’re in here in a super concentrated form. This blend of goodness is derived from adult human bone marrow donated by healthy, young, athletic human beings, think “college rowing team”. No, you don’t have someone else’s blood or DNA on your face. This substance goes through a purification and isolation process breaking it down and down into the smallest singular proteins. Then only the purest proteins are removed from the top and put into this formulation. These key ingredients along with the micro-channelling stimulate your skin to heal and renew from the inside out.


There is no downtime with this treatment. At most, you will experience mild redness or swelling to the treated area. This is a natural skin response that lets us know that everything is happening as it should. Your cells are working at the junction of your dermis and epidermis to bring you the results you are looking for. This will clear up in a couple of hours.

Follow Up

You should skip your usual skin care regimen for the night and you can proceed as normal the next day. Use your aftercare products to drench your skin in hyaluronic acid and all the goodies found in the Cellular Renewal and Healing Accelerator Serums. Be mindful of the open channels on your skin. Don’t let your dog lick your face, don’t touch with dirty hands or put anything dirty near your face. Over the next couple days the channels will begin to close as the skin repairs itself.

What Else Can I Do?

This treatment is the perfect example of stimulating the body to care for itself. This is true repair from the inside out. You can always enhance your results by incorporating a well rounded skin care and wellness regimen into your daily life. Examples of this are eating a well balanced diet, exercising, adding in a collagen supplement, reducing your toxic load and using great skin care products daily. Reducing things that stand in the way of the body doing it’s work and adding things that aid in that same process can have a huge effect on the look of your skin. Talk to us about your concerns and we can help. We are holistic practitioners and will guide you through this process fully!

That’s basically it. Even though you can’t see it, there is a lot happening underneath your skin. It is hard at work repairing and strengthening itself, and creating quality collagen. Over the next 20 to 30 days, the cellular cycle completes itself and you are ready for your next treatment. Over the course of your treatment series you will notice smoother, firmer skin. You will notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles and scarring. Overall color, texture and firmness is also improved. As with all skin care treatments, consistency and commitment is key. The recommended amount of treatments depends on the severity of the issue you are trying to correct. You will begin to see results after the first treatment and it only gets better with more treatments. A course of 3 to 6 treatments, spaced a month apart, is recommended for maximum results. After you are satisfied with your skin, you can do a treatment every few months for maintenance.

We’re so excited to offer this treatment to our clients. Let us help you achieve the skin you always wanted for a big event or for everyday! Please don’t hesitate with any questions or concerns. We’re always here for you!

Peace, Love & Beauty - Allison

*Allison is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician for over 20 years. She is a certified medical esthetician, an acne specialist, and a holistic skin specialist. She has taught cosmetology and esthetics for over 15 years. She has been the owner and lead operator of The Pin Up Girl for 6 years, serving an average of thirty brides and their parties each year.

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