Hair Extensions - Let's Talk

This past weekend I opened, brushed out, applied, blended and/or curled no less than 6 boxes of clip in hair extensions. I feel like I have a love hate relationship with them at this point. I know that they provide opportunity for styles you may not get with the hair you have, however, they are not a great fix for everyone. Also, some hair extensions can cost more than a mortgage payment so you should weigh your options carefully before taking the leap into this world. Read on to see when the situation calls for extensions and what your other options are.

When It's A Good Idea:

For added length : if you choose a style that goes cascading down to your waist and your hair falls short of your bra strap - extensions are a good idea. Adding length is one of the best things about adding hair. Half up or loose, swooped in ponytail looking styles are best for this application.

This was done a really long time ago. It's a good example of a style with added length down the back.

For added fullness: If you have fine to medium hair and you want to look thicker or fuller in your wedding style, extensions can do this for you. Keep in mind that you will need some hair to help hide the clip in wefts. If you are super thin on top - then it's not going to do what you expect - see below for super thin on top. Half up, all down, maybe add a braid, loose swoopy styles work well for this application.

This style is made of all extensions. She had fine, thin hair. Full pack used.

For added color: I've said it a million times to brides and maids all over the state, there's a reason why most updo and special occasion photos (staged ones at least) are done on blonde hair. When there are multiple colors going through the hair, you can see the twists, braids, loops, swoops and overall definition better. If this is something that interests you, try purchasing a pack of hair that is a shade or two lighter than your own. When added and combined, it gives you instant high lights without the commitment. For my sister's wedding a few years ago, we bough two wefts of hair, one her color and one two shades lighter. We sewed them onto the clips back to back and the result was gorgeous.

My sister Jill. Brielle sewed two colors onto each clip set to create this look. It was super full and cascaded down her back. Almost two full wefts were used.

When It's Not A Good Idea:

If you're super thin on top: if you fall into this category then extensions are not for you. The idea is to make it look like you're not wearing any extra hair and it's a dead give away when you can see the clip or solid piece of weft poking through your hair. As mentioned above, extensions are full added length and fullness, but they will not give you scalp coverage on top of your head. We will need some of your own hair to disguise the extensions so we can only go so far up your scalp before they will be noticeable. See other options below for some things we can do for scalp coverage.