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Sorry Girl, It's A No

So, recently we had a situation and I felt compelled to write a blog post about it. It was the first time it ever happened to us and I have to admit I was a little shocked that it did. The whole team was at a wedding and we were split up into two rooms so it was difficult for me to see what was happening at the make up stations. I usually like to keep an eye all around to make sure the girls are ok and that we are staying on time. On this day, I was finished early and one of my make up artists who usually moves really quickly was running behind. When we left I asked her if everything was ok and she explained what happened. A client sat in her chair and showed her a picture of a pretty dramatic make up that she wanted to "try". She applied the look to the client who then decided she didn't like it and asked to have it removed. Of course, the artist removed the look and applied what the client really wanted.

Switch scenes to the room where I'm doing hair. A client sits in the chair and explains that she never wears her hair up but she wants to "try" this look. She shows me a picture of a bombshell blonde rocking a really big wrapped ponytail with a bump in front of it. I explained gently that while I could give her that style, hers would be dramatically different since she had fine, brunette, just below shoulder length hair. I wasn't keen on doing it because her hair wasn't right for it and usually when a client says they never wear their hair up - 99% of the time I'm taking it down and it's really a waste of time. She's insisting so I add the poof, do the ponytail and hope for the best. Thank god, she likes it. She asks everyone in sight for the next two hours if they like it - but in the end - she sticks with the style. When my make up artists tells me her story and we figure out which client it was - it clicks.

This client thought it was perfectly fine to ask for a trial on the day of the wedding. Sorry girl, it's a no. If there's one thing we don't have on the morning of a wedding - it's time. It's pretty selfish for a bridesmaid to ask to try something and then tell you to change it if she doesn't like it for something completely different. It's taking time away from the rest of the group that we didn't plan for. Of course tweaking is expected, but not an idea that is out of your normal that you probably won't like and will ask to change completely. "How rude" in my best Michelle Tanner voice.

Then there's the issue of money. My favorite saying with my students is "time is money" and nothing could be more true in the beauty industry. Make up artists out there I know you hear me, removing a dramatic eye look that contains black in order to reapply something lighter is no easy task. You have to start from scratch, you may as well throw her in the shower at that point. It's difficult, it's a pain and it really is like two make up applications in a row. Of course, I didn't charge her twice and I felt bad for my make up artist.

If you don't like your hair up, then you most likely still won't like it up when I do it. If you don't usually incorporate black eyeshadow into your formal looks, then you probably will feel too dark with it on. I know the blonde in the photo is gorgeous, but let's have realistic expectations when it comes to your own hair. Unless you have two packs of extensions handy, it's not going to look like that. Most importantly, it's not ok to ask for a trial on the day of the wedding. If you are that up in the air about it, please schedule a trial appointment where you will pay for and be given the appropriate amount of time and attention. We are more than happy to accommodate you!

Peace, love and beauty - Allison

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