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I Don't Want To Spend That Much For My Make Up

One of the most common things I hear as a makeup artist is “why should I invest in my makeup?” or “I don't want to spend more than $50 for my makeup”. As a recent bride myself I know how expensive weddings can be and sometimes certain things may not seem necessary to spend the extra money on. However, as a makeup artist, I also hear countless stories from brides past and present how they booked a “$50 artist” and they never showed up, they had to redo their own at the last minute or they were just unhappy with the end results. Now, I'm not saying this is always the case, however I hear it more often then you may think. We've even had frantic calls from brides the morning of the wedding while we are on our way to another one!

You invest in a photographer to capture one of the most important and happy days of your life. You invest in a gown to make you feel beautiful. So why not invest in a makeup artist to make you look and feel beautiful on that day? Believe it or not it is more then just applying some lashes and lipstick, when you invest in us we invest in you. Investing in an artist should be more then just an application, it is the constant communication to make sure you are as confidant in our services as we are. It is knowing you have a professional that will be on time for your special day. It is less stress knowing we will be taking care of you and your girls, because lets be honest, the less stress the BETTER!

It may seem silly to think investing in having your makeup done by a professional is important, but when it is something that will be in hundreds of photos from one the most important days of your life it doesn't sound so silly!

If someone is not charging enough for their services, there's a reason why. Don't take the chance on the most important day of your life. You will regret it every time you look at your photos. We're professionals for a reason. It goes beyond just loving make up. It's professionalism, customer service, great communication, easy going personalities, team mentality and straight up skill all wrapped into one. You're worth it on your big day!

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