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Is It 2017 Already?

Wow. I blinked and another year has come and gone. Another wildly successful season at The Pin Up Girl has come to a close and we are all basking in the glow of our newlyweds, loving up on all the pictures and posts. These memories, your special days, have shaped our lives as well and we are so grateful to have been a part of it all! A lot has happened for me, some personal events, I bought a house, renovated it and moved in, holidays, dance competitions, sick kids and siblings oh my! Through it all, my girls and I maintained a successful season of work. I am so proud to have this team and all our pin up girls that make it all worth while. We've got a fresh new look, a super cute new Pin Up Girl logo and tons of ideas as we head into our next season. Be on the lookout for us 'cuz we'll be everywhere. When you have the team and the talent, nothing can get in your way! We are booking into 2018 already so don't miss out. Give us a call and be a Pin Up on our big day!

Peace, Love and Beauty - Allison

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