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For What It's Worth

Planning a wedding can be expensive. Even if you are talking about an everyday item like a tablecloth, attach the word bridal to it and the price soars. Depending on what is most important to you, the choice is there to spend the money where you see fit. I think one of the most important places to spend that hard earned money is on your hair and make up vendor. Here's why:

Reason number one: You are the center of attention. Whether you're normally a drama queen or as quiet as a mouse, all eyes and all the attention will be on you the day of your wedding. You will spend the day greeting guests, seeing people you haven't seen in forever, staring into the eyes of your betroved - you want to look your best. Being your best looking you helps you to exude confidence, hold your head high and beam from the inside out. You deserve it on your big day.

Reason number two: You will be photographed hundreds of times. You've researched the best photographers and videographers out there to capture the most important day of your life. You've booked packages with them that cost thousands of dollars. You have paid them to catch every look, twinkle of the eye, sparkle and shadow that happens that day. They come prepared with the best equipment to be sure they get every shot. They have special lenses and flashes on their cameras that photograph you in your true nature, perfectly clear and unfiltered, all in high definition. These are the memories that will last a lifetime, the photos your kids and grandkids will love to look at, the video that will make you tear up everytime you watch it, no matter how much time passes. You need a make up and hair team that understands all of this and can prepare you to look great in every shot.

Reason number three: You and your girls should be pampered and taken care of. You don't need to worry about packing your entire make up kit. You don't have to bring your flat iron and hairspray. You don't need extra bobby pins and two sets of false lashes. You don't need to be sweating trying to get your hair curled or your eyeliner perfect. You have enough to worry about that day, your beauty services shouldn't be one of them. We arrive on time and take care of everything that all the girls need. We have everything we need to get you looking great. So sit back and relax with a mimosa and let us take care of the rest. Your hair and make up will be perfect, guaranteed.

Reason number four: You will be on a schedule and there may be some surprises. You have planned this day to a T. You're like the conductor of a big marching band. You have the limo coming at the right time, the hotel rooms have been booked, the centerpieces made - every little detail taken care of. We fit perfectly into your morning. We arrive on time, usually we are waiting in the lobby early, we set up and get everyone done in a timely and appropriate manner. We are wedding specialists. We have never made a bridal party late. In fact, we know how to get it done so that by the time the photographer arrives, you are made up but still getting finished for those getting ready shots, and the rest of the place has been cleaned up and cleared out so you can move right along with the day. We keep everyone on schedule, even your crazy cousin who shows up 45 minutes late for her appoinment - no problem, we got it - you don't have to worry. We work as a team, all together to make sure you are on schedule no matter what. It's an integral part of the morning.

Reason number five: We are the best at what we do. I know you've heard me say this before but you just won't find a better bridal team out there. We truly are a team, and we love what we do. We are bridal specialists. We can handle anything thrown at us, we're relaxed, easy going and fun. We have perfected the art of working and enjoying ourselves while we do it. So, contact us to ask about our pricing and packages, I know that you will consider them fair for what it's worth!

Peace, Love and Beauty Allison

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