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Why We're The Best Choice

Hello Beauties! If you're in full on wedding planning mode you are no doubt up to your ears in wedding vendors that want your business. You're a member of every wedding website and subscribe to all the planning tools. If you're like me, you've been to Michael's and crafted yourself the prettiest, most organized wedding business binder ever created. One area of the planning binder that is often left til last minute is the Hair and Make Up section. In my opinion, this is the most important. Think about it, you'll spend a bajillion dollars on your photographer and videographer, and all eyes will be on you all day and night. Ok, the groom will be there too, but really, everyone is looking at you! You need to look your absolute best on this most important day. You will be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life, showing them to your grandkids one day. "Granny, what are those dark marks under your eyes?", something you never want to hear for sure! So if you're all in on looking your best, read on to understand why we are the best team to make that happen for you.

This is not only my business, it's my life. Since the first hair cut I gave myself when I was 3 to the awesome hair cuts I gave to my sisters sitting in the upstairs bathroom at my mom's to the time I decided to quit college to go to Cosmetology school to the time I decided I had so much to give this industry and became a Cos teacher to the massive collection of hair, skin, make up, nails, cosmetics, tools, equipment and everything else I have spent a fortune on to braiding my daughter's hair at night...My entire life is beauty. I bring a passion and dedication to my craft to each and every job I do. I search out people who are the same way as me. We are the best at what we do, hands down. If there's a new product out there, we've been using it for a month already. If there is a technique to a certain look, it's been in our arsenal for a while now. There's this new style that Carrie Underwood debuted on the red carpet, I did it on three bridesmaids two weeks ago. The point is, we live and breathe this industry everyday. It's our job to stay on the cutting edge, ahead of the curve and ready for whatever anyone can throw at us. For example, airbrush make up is the best for bridal for many reasons, so I was one of the first in the area to invest the time and money into my business for you and get my master certificate from Temptu, NYC. The photographers are shooting in HD and use special flashes to get the perfect shot. I bought my own camera and learned about these techniques so I could align my services so you get the best photos ever. We're the best. It's that simple.

The "Why Choose Us" page on my website is an absolute must read for more on why we are the best team for your wedding hair and make up. Stop by there and read through the info. While you're on the site, check out all our awesome photos and click links to our facebook page and like us, follow us on instagram and click over to wedding wire where you can read all of our 5 star ratings from real brides.

Peace, Love and Beauty - Allison

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