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Bring It On 2016!

Hello Brides and Beauties! I am so excited to bring this blog to you, a place where we can talk about all things wedding, prep, and beauty. This is my third year running my own special event based beauty business and I am so excited for what's in store. I have a great team, we've won the couple's choice award for our work, a busy schedule and tons of creative ideas to bring to all my beauties. I am truly belssed. So let's get started.

The holidays are over and it's time to get down to the business of planning your wedding and wrapping up all the little details that still need to get done. Most importantly - your hair and make up vendor for the big day! I know the wedding sites all say that 6 - 9 months in advance is an acceptable time to research and book a hair/MU artist. Let me tell you this is not true! Most of my brides are booking a season before or a year out, sometimes more. I've already heard from a few 2017 brides and I am about half booked for 2016 already. I tell you this because you need to book early. Weddings happen on the weekends, right? Well , there are only so many Saturdays and Sundays in each month so that narrows down availability. Factor in the "wedding season" or most popular months to be married (usually due to weather in this state), and us beauty artists are really limited in our availability. I know, you don't want to think about this yet. You're not even sure how you want your hair. You don't have your head piece. Maybe you need to search Etsy for the millionth time. Half of your bridesmaids are unsure of which services they want. I get it. Those sorts of details you don't have to know yet. All you have to know is the day you're getting married and that you want us to get you ready! I always tell my potential clients to just get the date on the calendar and we will figure out all the details later. We live and die by our calendars!

Here's something else worth mentioning. The Pin Up Girl may be my business, but we are a team. This is different from the other people you may come across in your research. Here's what I mean. The morning of your wedding can be hectic enough without us adding to the drama. If Jamie is scheduled to do a bridesmaid that hasn't shown up yet, she will start another bridesmaid that might be on my schedule. If I'm with the bride and we need more time to perfect her look or pose for photos, Brielle will finish two other girls hair that she wasn't originally scheduled to do. If Lauren has a client that isn't 100% thrilled with how her eye look is coming along (never happens but just an example), I might come over and offer to give it a try. Yes, Nicole will freshen up your curls if needed or clean up the bridal suite so you don't come in to a disaster area later. The point is, we help eachother out and we do what needs to be done to make everyone happy and keep on schedule. We are all genuinely friends with eachother. We laugh and have a good time together along with you. We really love what we do. We are not catty, or selfish. We are not out for ourselves. Our pictures on social media say hair/make up by the Pin Up Girl Team because it doesn't matter who does your service that day, you're getting the best. We're all the best at what we do. We split our payment and tips a certain way so that we are all happy and taken care of. We're in it together and we're there for YOU! I designed my team and my business this way because we're better together and you deserve the best on your day.

SO, if 2016 is YOUR year and you want this fantastic team to be there to get you ready, get in touch and reserve us before someone else does. I am so looking forward to new friends, being part of the biggest day of your life so far and some really, really awesome hair and make up.

Peace, Love and Beauty - Allison

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