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A holistic approach to clearing your skin


Yoga Practice
Yoga Practice

More Than Skin Deep

Modern science is discovering more each day about the interconnectivity of the systems in the body. For example, we have data on how the microbiome of the gut plays a role in the health of your skin. We have studies showing how food intolerances or chemicals added to our food can cause disease and inflammation in the body. Where we once thought acne was strictly caused by bacteria or overproduction of sebum in the skin,we now know there are many more factors that may contribute.  

The 5 Pillars

A holistic approach to clearing your skin is about way more than a pill, a cream or a facial. Just as we are all unique individuals, so is our skin, and we must take the proper steps to figure out the root cause of your acne. These answers may lie in any or all of the five pillars of the Balance program. They are skin care regimen, in office treatments, lifestyle, nutrition and supplements. 

Ready to Learn More?

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