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Trial Appointments

I always get tons of questions about trial appointments so I thought I explain here. Most of my brides do trial appointments or some sort of prior consultation for their wedding beauty services. It is not required by any means so it is entirely up to you if you need a trial. I do charge for trial appointments, as any good stylist should, since often the trial takes more time and effort than the actual day of services. Some ladies don't find it necessary to pay that fee, they take a look at my pictures and my style and decide to trust that I can recreate the look they pick. It's a personal decision and I'm cool with it either way. Read on to see if a trial appointment is a good choice for you and all the details you'll need.

It's a good idea to do a trial if:

*you're picky. No judgement here - I have yet to find a person that can cut my own hair so I know the struggle is real. I'm picky too and I get pissed if something doesn't look perfect. If you are particular about your hair or make up, are very detail oriented and would like the time to pick apart each strand or brush stroke - the trial is the time for that. There's simply no time for that on the wedding day and after the trial the plan of action will be set down to the smallest detail and we'll be ready to go day of.

*you aren't sure of the look you want to go with. You think your dress would look best with your hair up but you have never had an updo before - a trial is for you. There's nothing more frustrating than building an award winning up-style on the day of a wedding only to have to take it down because the woman just doesn't like her hair up. You think you want a winged liner and red lip because you like the pin up style but you have never worn it before - try it first for sure. Things look very different on you than they do on the models in photos and online.

*you've had other trials and didn't like the outcome. Come with photos and opinions of what you liked and disliked about your previous trial. You should hit it off with your beauty professional. If it didn't work out - don't feel bad, it happens. We're usually the last stop for many ladies - we're the best at what we do and we're not jerks. We know how to give you what you want and we're never offended if you want to make changes or try out someone else. But you want want to. Here's a tip though - If you have done multiple trials and you're not getting what you want - you may need to change up your expectations. Cool it for a while and revisit it later.

It's not a good idea to schedule a trial if:

*you haven't purchased your dress and/or head piece situation. It's hard to create a total look when you don't have the fashion down yet. The dress is one of the most important parts and sets the tone for your entire look. The actual cut of the dress will help decide what your hair should look like as well. No sense in wearing your hair down if you have a dress with a high neckline or a very ornate back. Keep your hair preference in mind while you're dress shopping but don't let it dictate your decision.

*your wedding is really far away. I understand that you may want to get ahead of the game, or maybe you want to try us out before you book. If that's the case, you should plan on booking and paying for another trial closer to your wedding date. It happens all the time. Over the course of two years between your first trial and your wedding you will get your dress, hair accessories, decide on the veil and you for sure will be looking at magazines, pinterest, instagram and everything else known to man that contains bridal content. You will most likely change your mind or want something entirely different than what you started with.

Some good tips:

*Come with inspiration photos but realistic expectations about how these looks will appear on you.

*I don't mind if you want to make changes or try a couple of things but realize that the usual length of a hair and make up trial is 2 hours. Anything beyond that and you should schedule another appointment.

*Come prepared for hair and make up. Clean face and clean, dry hair. If you have curly hair and want a smooth style, blow it out beforehand. Remember, time is important.

*Trials usually take place off time, like when we don't have weddings scheduled. Trying to do your trial before your engagement pictures or bridal shower sounds like a good idea but usually doesn't work based on availability.

As always, never hesitate to contact us with any questions. We're happy to help.

Peace, Love & Beauty - Allison

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