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A Bad Review?

Ok, so it has happened. I received a less than perfect review. I called my mom and I said "mom, I'm so upset, I got a bad review." "Oh no", she said, "how bad was it?" "The bride gave me a 4.4 out of 5!" I blurted out in an overly emotional manner. "Oh, give me a break!" she responded. "That's not bad, you had me worried!" Well, it may not be bad for some, but for me it was devastating. I really pride myself on the quality of my work and here this bride was simply not satisfied. I was upset about it for days. I examined it a million times over, collected my thoughts and sent an e mail to the bride directly. I thanked her for the kind words she said about me and my team and offered the most sincere apologies that she was not happy with her hair. It was the most professional and only thing I could think to do. Besides build a time machine. So, the teacher in me asked "what can we learn from this experience?" I came up with a few things and I thought I'd share them here so that this experience may be helpful in some way to someone.

1. Humidity - it doesn't matter how good a hairdresser you are, there's no hero hair product in the fight against humidity. I know this from experience being a special occasion hairdresser in New Jersey, by the beach, in the summer season. The only option is to change your chosen hairstyle to protect you against the effects of humidity, i.e. frizz, falling flat or limp, curls falling out. No amount of hairspray can combat moisture. Using a slicking product like paste, pomade, oil or gel may help this issue but is only an option for an updo as they can also weigh down the hair. If you're not willing to change your style, then you should be prepared to accept the possible consequences. Sometimes brides don't care as long as they make it through first look pictures and others will re think their vision but this is totally up to you.

2. Length - the fact is that the longer your hair is, the heavier it is and the less likely it is that your curls will hold their shape for a very long time. If you have shoulder length hair I can make you look like Shirley Temple at 8 am and in all likelihood, you'll still be singing The Goodship Lollipop at midnight. However, if your hair is brushing your waistline, you should be prepared to have loose waves if anything as you head into the later part of your reception. Again, no amount of hairspray can help this issue. One solution I came up with for one of my brides was to roller set her extensions a couple weeks in advance and I left them in the curlers til the morning of the wedding. The extensions acted as a support for her own soft hair and the curls lasted a bit longer.

3. Frizz - this one kind of goes with humidity. You know your own hair. If frizz is an issue for you, maybe opting for a classic bun would be best. Definitely prepare your hair properly, as in, get a professional blowout a day or so before the wedding. See my blog on hair prep as well. Either way know that your hair doesn't care if it's your wedding day - it will frizz if that's what it usually does when it's left down in the humidity.

4. Time constraints - my unhappy bride was feeling the pressure of the time constraints of the day. I have to admit it was very busy with 5 stylists in the kitchen along with bridesmaids and family, then the photographer shows up and it's bonkers. Here's what's important: don't give up on your style or your communication with me. I have gone upstairs into a private bathroom and sat on the counter with a bride holding two mirrors up to be sure her style was perfect. If you start feeling overwhelmed, just ask if we can go to a separate space. Don't tell me it's fine or give up on trying to get it right if you're truly not happy. I promise no one goes anywhere until they are super happy. You're the bride. Everyone can wait 5 minutes. It's so worth it to be sure you won't look back and be unhappy with your hair.

So, while I can't change the past, I will take this review experience with me going forward. There is a special kind of trust and relationship you need to have with your wedding stylist/make up artist. These are the kinds of relationships I build with my brides and I will continue doing that. Looking forward to working with you all!

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